Due to the steadily increase of the hazardous drilling conditions, the standards for the inspections of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) have increased to a much higher level over the past few years.

This very specialized type of services is offered by SOS Inspection. Our inspectors are fully trained and certified to deliver your company international certificates after performing the inspections listed below:

  • Visual body inspection
  • Visual thread inspection
  • Electro-Magnetic Induction Inspection
  • Full length API drifting
  • Full length Ultrasonic inspection
  • API thread gauging
  • Hardness testing

All Tuboscope tube and tool joint inspections are carried out in accordance with standards like API, DS-1 and NS-2. Inspections of drill pipes, casings, tubings or tools are usually performed based on the following international standards:

  • API, API 5CT, API 5B, API 5L
  • DS1 Cat 1 to 5
  • NS1/NS2 

DS-1  - (Drill Stem)

DS1 inspection services as the standard for accepting and rejecting drill pipe. Drill stem inspection covers a wide range of components that include but are not limited to: heavy weight drill pipe, light weight drill pipe, collars, joints, API rotary shoulder connections & similar variants.

SOS Inspection follow a strict guideline, procedures & methodology. All our inspectors are trained and certified to properly inspect and maintain a high level of knowledge in their field.

Mandatory equipment calibration is frequent, assuring that all inspections are fluid, complete and correct. 

NS-2  - (Natural Selection)

Inspection of new and used Oil & Gas equipment is essential to detect any defects that originate either in manufacturing or drilling. SOS Inspection provides these inspections for all Oil & Gas operations, including deviated and horizontal well bores. 

We offer a wide range of full life cycle Oil & Gas management programs across the world. Our Inspection reports will help you reduce the risk by identifying operational problems, improper care and handling as well as ensuring the pipe is fit for use for the specific drilling application. 

API - (American Petroleum Institute)






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