We have a broad range of highly engineered products designed for various applications throughout the oil and gas industry.

Our product line includes isolation, control, and safety valves, high-performance pumps, filtration and separation products for hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

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Calibration Services

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-001 


Site Cabins

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-002 


Storage Tanks

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-003 


Frac and Mixing Tanks

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-004 


Frac and Mixing Tanks 360 to 460

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-005 


Metering and High Pressure Motor Vales

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-006 


High Pressure Steam Cleaner and Washer

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-007 


Centrifugal Mud Vac and Submersible Pump

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-008 


High Pressure Iron Pipeline & Control Valve Figure 1502

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-009 


Nitrogen N2 Ambient Vaporizer

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-010 


Port & Blind Flanges RTJ Type

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-011 





Ring Joint Gasket

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-012 


Finger Saver & Hose & Cable Tidy

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-013  


Safety Gloves

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-014 


Bump Cap and Safety Helmet

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-015 


Climax Lubricants

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-016 


High Pressure Equipment

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-017 


Casing Slot Liner

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-018 


Drill String, Tubular Connections

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-019 


Tubular Cleaning Machine 

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-020 


The Safety Lanyard

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-021 


Thread Protectors

Product No: SOS-PR-PI-022 


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Asset Management

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Our goal is to be the industry leader in supplying parts to the Oil & Gas industry with a dedication to exceptional quality, reliability and service to meet our customers every need.

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