The market for the use of surface and shallow buried pipelines is on the increase with the growth of conservation and reuse of energy along with the need to convey energy from source to consumers around the world.

For this enormous growing network, there is an ever increasing need to monitor and maintain these pipelines. Economically and environmentally it is beneficial to conduct this task non-invasively.

Shakespeare Monitoring Services Ltd. (SMSL) provides a non-invasive inspection method for assessing the integrity of pipelines and the surrounding areas in a fast, cost effective way.


MSL is an Anglo-Dutch Company that was established in 2012 by a professional team with more than 40 years of experience in industrial maintenance and software engineering. Especially for the pipeline industry, SMSL has developed a new monitoring technique. This technique and related software is designed to monitor, analyze and assess the client’s assets.

This technique can be used for of pipelines of different diameters and lengths.

SMSL developed the perfect monitoring solution to provide the client with information allowing the targeted development of a preventative maintenance program.
We offer clients a quick, repeatable, automated comparison of pipeline integrity between previous and present data.

SMSL can offer clients a monitoring service to simplify their maintenance planning, which results in a more reliable asset and lower risks for workers and the environment.

A summary report on the health of the SMSL methods of data collecting depending upon location and situation include:

    • Handheld
    • Aerial drone
    • Helicopter

SMSL provides the data collection service to collect, analyse and collate information for presentation to the client. SMSL provides all equipment necessary for collecting this data.


SMSL collects data and uploads it into its bespoke monitoring program.

The client deliverables are:

    1. Pipeline and surrounding area surveyed.
    2. Graphical and Video ( thermal and conventional) data from our unique recording four sensor array
    3. A detailed report on the surface pipline surveyed containing:
             A. A section on the general uniformity of the pipeline insulation
             B. A section identifying potential leaks
             C. A section detailing pipe sections where joints, insulation or valves will need closer inspection

    4. Maintenance interval comparison report showing any significant differences that may require a more detailed investigation.

The report conclusions will assist the client in deciding what maintenance is necessary so they can target the maintenance response cost effectively.

The system may be tailored to suit an individual clients needs. It is possible to review their results in the Shakespeare’s dedicated secure FTP Server (cloud) globally. Additional modules can be added to the Shakespeare’s program such as a logbook for maintenance, CUI programming module, maintenance
planning module and a cost saving module.

SMSL monitoring services will extend the working life of your assets and reduce operational costs.


  • Scope of work Discussion with our customer
  • Filming with the Flir T660 by our SMSL certified API inspector. This film will automatically record the GPS coordinates of the captured anomalies.
  • Film is uploaded into the SMSL database in the UK. The SMSL team will calibrate the video material (digital stabilization and calibration)
  • SMSL produces an automated inspection based on the emissivity differences of the materials.
  • Our certified inspector will finalize the report based on our customers needs.
  • For SMSL technology proofing, we offer free of charge UTM inspection of a selected area with the most metal loss.
  • The UTM inspection data will be entered into the software, and an automated metal loss report will be produced by linking the UTM data to the corresponding grey shades in the video material.
  • SOS presents the inspection report to the customer.
  • Follow up filming is conducted in a regular interval, as decided by the customer.
  • SMSL will automatically compare new video material with previous inspections and determine degradation cycles. This will enable the customer to receive an automated “risk based inspection”. 


  • The most cost effective inspection method in the market (ca. 20 % of Long range UTM).
  • Extreme accuracy with GPS logged into the Video material.
  • The most serious anomalies are verified by UTM free of charge, to create the base line. The rest of the metal loss is automatically calculated by the software.
  • Automatic database comparison with previous data capture.
  • Fully automated analysis of asset condition and degradation.
  • Proactive asset management leading to lower whole of life cost and prevention of unplanned losses and costs.
  • Reduction in energy costs through accurate monitoring of insulation breakdown and thermal bridges, with exact kw/h loss reports.
  • Accurate monitoring of plant pipelines and vessels leading to predictive maintenance.
  • Permanent record of degradation leading to a better understanding of equipment life expectancy.
  • Global access to all analyzed data via SMSL secure FTP server
  • Pro active maintenance rather than expensive reactive repairs.


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